2020 Bus Schedules Pompeii - Vesuvius

Schedules for the EAV public bus between the Pompeii Archaeological Park and the Mount Vesuvius National Park.
The trip takes about 50 minutes and tickets cost EUR 2.70.

Due to anti-COVID-19 measures, public transportation schedules may change without prior notice and posted schedules will not always be updated minute-by-minute.

Route: Vesuvius - Pompeii

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2020 Bus schedules - Schedule valid all year

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  • Per From 1 April to 30 September, 2018


Where can I catch the bus for Mount Vesuvius?
You can catch the public EAV bus for Vesuvius from Piazza Anfiteatro or the Circumvesuviana Pompei Villa dei Misteri station. Look for the sign that says "Fermata EAV bus".
How much do bus tickets cost?
Tickets cost EUR 2.70.
Where do I buy bus tickets?
Tickets can be purchased directly on board.
How long does it take to get there?
It takes about 50 minutes from Pompeii to Mount Vesuvius.
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