Tickets Campania Express - Schedules 2024: Naples-Sorrento

Route: Napoli - Sorrento

Campania Express Trains

Napoli Porta Nolana 08:22 11:22 14:22 17:22
Napoli P. Garibaldi 08:26 11:26 14:26 17:26
Ercolano Scavi - Vesuvio 08:41 11:41 14:41 17:41
Pompei Scavi - Villa dei Misteri 09:01 12:01 15:01 18:01
Castellammare /Funivia Faito 09:13 12:13 15:13 18:13
Vico Equense 09:23 12:23 15:23 18:23
Meta di Sorrento 09:28 12:28 15:28 18:28
Piano 09:31 12:31 15:31 18:31
Sant'Agnello 09:33 12:33 15:33 18:33
Sorrento 09:35 12:35 15:35 18:35

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The Campania Express is a special train along the Circumvesuviana line between Naples and Sorrento that stops only at tourist sites such as Pompeii and Herculaneum. These trains have guaranteed seating, air conditioning, and space for storing luggage.

Why choose the Campania Express?

The Campania Express is the ideal choice for tourists who wish to explore the wonders of Italy and Campania without stress. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Comfortable: Guaranteed seating and air conditioning.

  • Practical: Dedicated space for luggage.

  • Tourist-friendly: Stops only at stations with tourist sites.

  • Flexible: Chance to get off at intermediate stops and resume your journey on another Campania Express train.

Where does the Campania Express stop?

Napoli Porta Nolana
Napoli Piazza Garibaldi
Ercolano Scavi - Vesuvio
Pompei Scavi - Villa dei Misteri
Castellammare di Stabia - Funivia Faito
Vico Equense
Piano di Sorrento

When does the Campania Express run?

The Campania Express runs all year long.

Ticket prices

€15 one way
€25 round trip

Children up to 6 years of age are free but don't have a reserved seat.


You can get off at any stop and then continue your journey on another Campania Express train.

Travel times

Naples - Pompeii: 30 minutes
Sorrento - Pompeii: 25 minutes

Buy tickets

You can buy tickets online or at Circumvesuviana ticket offices at least 20 minutes prior to departure.

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How to reach the stations

The Circumvesuviana station Napoli Garibaldi is on the lower level of Napoli Centrale station.


Napoli Piazza Garibaldi station isn't accessible to travelers with disabilities. To reach the tracks you have to take stairs on foot.
Napoli Porta Nolana station is accessible; for assistance contact the EAV info desk.
Sorrento station is accessible.
Castellammare and Pompei Villa dei Misteri stations are accessible only in the Sorrento direction.
Ercolano and Pompei stations are not accessible.

What makes the Campania Express different?

Unlike other trains covering the same line, the Campania Express is dedicated exclusively to tourists, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable travel experience with guaranteed seats, air conditioning, and space for luggage.

The timetables are up-to-date based on the latest releases from the public transport company.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Who can I call for information on the Campania Express?

For all doubts about the Campania Express train you can contact the toll-free number EAV (Ente Autonomo Volturno, the railway company that offers the service): 800211388